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Rice’s 4’9″ RB Jayson Carter Makes Career Debut (Rice Football’s Rudy Moment)

Rice 4’9 ” Jayson Carter, care a intrat în în 2011 își face debutul în carieră cu run 1-m. Cu jocul de sâmbătă sub control, Rice a dat cel mai mic jucător de la t …
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25 Responses to “Rice’s 4’9″ RB Jayson Carter Makes Career Debut (Rice Football’s Rudy Moment)”

  1. Jimmy Russels spune:

    I thought he was gonna have a big run or something… he was basically
    stopped at the line of scrimmage and technically gained one yard.

  2. multiyapples spune:

    Jayson Carter needs to be in the game more put him in!!

  3. DreEst1991 spune:

    why talk shit? at 4’9 135 he’s living most of your dreams…he’s a college
    runningback regardless of his depth on the roster or how many yards he gets
    he has one thing over most people with the talent who still didnt play in
    college. That one yrd is one more than most people will ever have. Give
    props damn…

  4. Jamal Philly spune:

    Rice’s 4’9″ Jayson Carter, who walked on in 2011 makes his career debut
    with 1-yd run.

  5. Dark Outlook spune:

    good shit

  6. Larmar Frazier spune:

    dont matter height or smarts matters about how much heart you got

  7. attgig spune:

    they’re up that big, and he only gets one snap? boooo

  8. Andre Atwell spune:


  9. Alex Carter spune:

    Nice !!! Got a big heart .

  10. rjplamf61 spune:

    ya gotta love this little guy. hope he gets more carries before the season
    is over.

  11. Jc Jordan spune:

    @ahard worka Rice has 30,000 kids less than South Florida, 20,000 than
    instate „rival” (Rice isn’t a rival of there’s but I’m sure Rice considers
    them a rival) in Texas… My point is look up their enrollment and that’s
    why they’re not that good at football. Very good school academically though.

  12. brby doll spune:

    I would have been a dick and laid his ass out.. Go head talk shit bitches!

  13. GtwinsII03 spune:

    One yard…

  14. renaissancemen1 spune:

    I’m glad to see Emanuel Lewis is doing well. I loved him in Webster.

  15. Angel Okaine spune:

    well duh im 14 idiot and i could careless i,m 14 yearold track
    runner/baseball player and what do u play exactly

  16. shootinggangster spune:

    This made me happy inside

  17. Mark Gamez spune:

    Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy

  18. Daniel Freeman spune:

    And Jayson Carter’s still twice the man you are. Props to the coach for
    giving him that moment…Carter did the work, just like anyone, and he got
    the payoff there, THAT is what sports is supposed to be about!

  19. apf1323 spune:

    @Angel Okaine thats amazing im 16 5’10” and found out today i have open
    growth plates and should end up 6’2″. Enough about me, Tell me more about
    your height!!!

  20. Angel Okaine spune:

    I’m 14 and 5’7 lol

  21. InternetMunchies spune:

    they won by 30 dumbass

  22. Jacob Arnold spune:

    Who would dislike this

  23. ahard worka spune:

    Not trying to be a buzzkill, good for the kid, but this is why rice sucks

  24. champxcm spune:

    He is all balls

  25. Austin Morris spune:



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