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SEC Football Hype 2013

2013-14 SEC Football Hype.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “SEC Football Hype 2013”

  1. ChicagoShnozzlers spune:

    Mizzou is in this 6 times, 2 were them throwing picks, 2 were them getting
    scored on, 1 was a punt return against them and the only good highlight was
    a Marcus Murphy punt return TD… Great…

  2. mamuka razmadze spune:


  3. bodiex1 spune:

    GREAT VIDEO!!! I enjoyed watchig it. ROLL TIDE!!!

  4. encycl07pedia spune:

    LMAO! That coming from a Gamecluck fan is hilarious. Hasn’t the ACC beat
    your premier teams 2 weeks in a row? Congrats on beating Clemsuck. I mean
    they’re really good. They lost 18 games in the last 4 seasons you beat
    them. That’s an average of over 4 losses per season. They’ve been real
    championship material. Then again, they’ve been just as relevant in the
    national title picture as SCAR has been.

  5. Michael Klein spune:

    Come beat an SEC Team and then you can talk

  6. dawggirl spune:

    Great vid. Can’t wait for the season to start. Hope to be back in the SEC
    Championship game with you guys again. Okay, dumb question that I should
    probably know – what movie is the beginning audio from?

  7. malteseheart spune:

    The music is „Why Do We Fall?” by Hans Zimmer.

  8. cdpridg spune:

    GATA Dawg!!

  9. Scott Basham spune:

    I didn’t make the trip, but I heard from several folks that you Mizzou fans
    were very nice hosts when the Dawgs played out there last season. See you
    in Athens this fall.

  10. Ashton Chandler spune:

    Go Dawgs!!!! UGA

  11. A Patrick spune:

    CLEMSON and DABO beat-up the DAWGS. UAT looks pitiful against the HOKIES.
    AUTURD lucky to beat W. STATE. LSU lackluster win. Miss. State beat-up by
    OSU. Vandy nearly beats-up Ole Miss. The SEC is pathetic and overrated. THE
    PAC 12 is much better than SEC.

  12. michael moss spune:

    Am I the only one thinking it’s funny how this guy uses a speech from an
    ACC player for an SEC video?

  13. Charles spune:

    <--------, yeah buddy

  14. MrAggie1988 spune:

    Chills awesome vid GIG’EM

  15. Adam Cribbs spune:

    MIZ! Sick video. Can’t wait to start up season #2 in the SEC

  16. Richard Gil spune:

    Can’t wait to see TCU beat LSU at cowboy stadium. Go Big XII nation.

  17. xXLsUTiGeRsFaNXx spune:

    LOL LSU getting beat by TCU? Are you out of your mind?

  18. Mitchell Flores spune:

    LSU just got beat by the DAWGS. LOL U MAD BRO?!?!?!?! GO DAWGS!!!!

  19. tylermoon79 spune:

    Roll Tide Roll!!

  20. Tyler Forbes spune:

    I had chills from start to end

  21. Richard Gil spune:

    We’ll see how LSU n MST get beat opening wknd. Sec is overrated. Go OK St
    and TCU. Go Big XII.

  22. artdawg11 spune:

    2nd comment

  23. MrJinfinite spune:

    you know its actually General unless your screwing around i understand that

  24. susanbenk spune:


  25. ManicMonkey84 spune:

    Makes me want to snap some shit up. Gig’em


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