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The Best Of English Football Fans #2 HD

The Best Of English Football Fans And Ultras! Subscribe And Like! Credit for the footage in this video goes to the original users, give them your support.
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25 Responses to “The Best Of English Football Fans #2 HD”

  1. RossHamMil spune:

    english fans don’t need shitty flags, drums and flares to make an
    atmosphere, fat blokes with lager in their hands is all we need

  2. Will Fisher spune:

    super leeds,super leeds. 

  3. Stone Cold ET spune:

    I can’t believe Middlesbrough got added to this list… Oh god

  4. teehee1604 spune:

    The Newcastle Ameobi one is like the worst mosh pit I’ve ever seen

  5. RatedRMatt spune:

    English fans are shit. So plastic 

  6. Brad TheLad spune:

    Palace are best

  7. Milan Novek spune:

    all those are shits

  8. Matty170399 spune:

    English football fans? Where the fuck is Swansea?

  9. B0GlES spune:

    The oky coky?! Mental age of about 6…! Well done!

  10. Puzzle Box spune:

    Where’s ipswich?? Loudest fans in the championship, and the best

  11. andrewofficial1 spune:


  12. Matthew Crowther spune:

    We all hate leeds scum

  13. ultrAs GALA spune:

    Hope to see you again in another tournamenT

  14. Jonathan Stroulger spune:

    Leeds fans ….. ha ha ha !!! Nobs!

  15. ilicitos da tetra spune:

    dirty leeeds

  16. MedasaTV spune:

    ultras in england lmfao no

  17. SuperClarkey88 spune:

    ahhhh promotion day 🙂 a day I will never forget!

  18. Matthew Crosby spune:

    Tottenham have shit fans what about man u chelsea

  19. Jack Wight spune:

    Crystal Palace have fans?

  20. tom fletcher spune:

    Newcastle United FC ! 

  21. MyUsernameIsMikee spune:


  22. TheMRxAPPLE spune:

    Just going to say are the best the holmesdale fanatics have been recognised
    all across the globe, but anyway, in countries like Germany and Poland,
    only men go to the matches not children and women, that’s why they have a
    better atmosphere than all British clubs, at least crystal palace are
    making and effort and growing, so up the palace and I don’t see why all the
    glory hunting clubs like man utd, Chelsea, arsenal are on there, they are
    rubbish, you don’t make q good atmosphere with on flare, u need to sing
    through out the whole match even if your team is losing, to give them some
    courage like the palace fans

  23. ryan laird spune:

    may i make an observation call welsh fans english is like calling the queen

  24. Russell Taylor spune:

    Bobby Moores Claret and Blue Army fuck off allardyce we want our West
    Ham back

  25. Dan Steptoe spune:

    I was at the West Ham game in the Spurs end, best night of my life


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