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THE BIRTH OF GREATNESS – Insane Hardcore Football Team Conditioning Workout

These young football athletes train under the motivation and inspiration of Chris Downing. Many of these football players have received scholarships as schoo…

21 Responses to “THE BIRTH OF GREATNESS – Insane Hardcore Football Team Conditioning Workout”

  1. borriq01 spune:

    Great motivator mad props

  2. bj flagg spune:

    I promise u this aint shit us texas boys will eat this shit

  3. Andrew Garrett spune:

    Insane motivation. I hope my coach will be like this. 

  4. playerselite42 spune:

    Watched the first two minutes and lemme just say this Coach seems to be a
    gooood coach

  5. Barny Jake spune:

    All I see is white guys what happend to everyone less :/

  6. Elias Haro Jr spune:

    That’s insanely hard

  7. Colby Canes spune:

    Thats nice

  8. Sirmium Legionaries spune:

    No pain no gain! Good job

  9. Steven Bennett spune:

    Amazing never quit

  10. Jennifer Mehl spune:

    , Awesome, Awesome! Chris is such a great motivator both athletically as
    well as every day life for these kids. He is the person that will help you
    dig down deep to go to limits you never thought possible. We are very lucky
    to have him as part of our sports programs as well a our community. Much
    love and respect for him! Kiddos Chris on such a great job and talent you

  11. Jennifer Mehl spune:

    Kuddos not kiddos

  12. Baseball101332 spune:

    Love this video great job getting the Leopards ready for the season

  13. Jay spune:

    Damn! I want in this program!

  14. Hover Kitteh spune:

    Amazing coach. Really wish my coach was this motivating. Repect

  15. Victor Belous spune:

    Good video!

  16. Antonio Michael spune:

    Good work out, I’m sure that they may look mall in this but I bet they gain
    10lbs muscle

  17. D24 Sports spune:

    For me it’s all about brining out the best I’m these athletes . Right now
    they are 6-0 and lost their star quarterback two weeks before the season
    started to an ACL injury .. Joey has been very supportive and the training
    has really helped them to bond as a team . I truly appreciate everyone of
    subscribing to the channel and your positive feedback. To those of you that
    dislike the training, well I respect your opinion as well. Hopefully we
    will release videos that you like someday. God Bless U

  18. Alicia Bell spune:


  19. Moonsabie spune:

    he killed those kids but thats nfl training if they do that for a week they
    would be cruising. good job drink that water

  20. kathie lavery spune:

    Chris-not one of these Louisville athletes will every keep up with you. But
    when you lead-they will follow. Congrats on a great workout

  21. TheDaniellegallina spune:



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