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THE SEASON: Ole Miss Football – Episode 6 (2013)

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6 Responses to “THE SEASON: Ole Miss Football – Episode 6 (2013)”

  1. RebelfanfromBamaland spune:

    lesser talent? do u realize auburn has had a top 10 recruiting class for
    the last 7 years? weve had one. our guys are young and its showing. not
    performing in hostile environments and too many mistakes. freeze has gotta
    learn how to manage games better too. cant believe he threw it 3 times with
    3 minutes left and giving manziel the ball with two minutes. not smart. hes
    too predictable on offense as well. the a&m game is on freeze and the

  2. USAV3T spune:

    It’s as if we haven’t been practicing at all since the by week.

  3. Kahlil Edwards spune:

    I’m honestly sick to my stomach because lets be honest rebel nation. There
    is no good future with Bo Wallace playing qb

  4. Elvis Dave spune:

    Bo Wallace didn’t play well in this game. Rebels were out played and out
    coached by a team with lesser talent 🙁 Let’s get it fixed Coach Freeze!

  5. Elvis Dave spune:

    Now let’s kick ass against Manziel and the Aggies at home!. It’s payback


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