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Top 5-Coolest Modern Football Facemasks

Sup guys! These are a couple of the oddest facemasks I have currently seen! (June 2013) -Check Out Some of My Other Videos! Antonio Cromartie Highlights-htt…
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25 Responses to “Top 5-Coolest Modern Football Facemasks”

  1. DeeJayy Stevie spune:

    I use the revo speed with 6-bar and a barely mirrored oakley visor and it
    looks like Chris Canty’s facemask in number 5

  2. TheCrimsonFlame17 spune:


  3. Charles Wilson spune:

    you know why linemen and linebackers wear these kind of facemask cuz these
    people sometimes vroke their nose like ray lewis and other linemen poke
    other linemen eyes

  4. Mike Johnson spune:

    The NFL didnt allow Dockett to wear that facemask though, the reason Tuck
    had that facemask was because of a neck injury, he had permission to wear

  5. Daequan Alston spune:

    Lol its always the giants

  6. Jackdiddlysquat spune:


  7. GOTGAME723 spune:

    i would never have those ever

  8. Mason Cole spune:

    more like top 5 coolest facemasks

  9. Mark Geniza spune:

    no wonder the giants blow

  10. Megan Woods spune:

    i would say the same on number1 but the other 4 i own and they are stinking

  11. Cameron Guss spune:

    I had one like number 5

  12. Jerry Curless spune:

    last two are fake

  13. RainbowMouth1901 spune:

    3 looks sick!

  14. Derek Hall spune:

    number 2 and one gotta be fake lmao

  15. Nate Drinkard spune:

    all those look sweet

  16. 3lite spune:

    3 out of the 5 are from the giants lol

  17. owen waters spune:

    whats the name of the song?

  18. David Strawbridge spune:

    The last two aren’t real. 

  19. trollhard spune:

    no. 4 is boss

  20. Devon Davis spune:

    #2 looks like a knights face shield 

  21. Bud Parks spune:

    #2 and #1 aren’t real.

  22. antonio guzman spune:

    3/5 giants I knew they where weird

  23. Reese Kyler spune:

    These are not odd, they are some of the coolest linemen face masks I’ve
    seen, but number one isn’t real………..there is a concave in the middle
    of the face mask

  24. Pranav Athreya spune:

    Schutt big grills lol.

  25. ThatHeadfoneKid spune:

    There not old there new u fucking faggot learn football


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