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Top 5 miracles in football history

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25 Responses to “Top 5 miracles in football history”

  1. Veronica Zavaleta spune:

    the team in the no.1 miracle sure did try hard to win the game.But
    seriously that many latterals,why can’t you just lose the game and not be

  2. BiggestOfDaddies spune:

    Because apparently, the top 5 miracles in football history all occurred
    within the last 5 years.

  3. Sean Jackson spune:

    number 1 sounds familiar Bama vs Auburn Chris Davis THE TIGERS ARE GONNA

  4. Veronica Zavaleta spune:

    the cbs football commentator is really terrible at his job.This is why he
    is not commentating nfl games anymore

  5. MrOREO CAKESTER spune:

    No. 1 was luck and nothing else.

  6. Horror is OP spune:

    number 1 is high school lmao shouldnt be on there

  7. MuzicthatsStrange spune:

    number 1 was gay

  8. Dr Death spune:

    This video sucks total ass. First, the quality is so bad you can’t hardly
    make anything out. Second, there are ZERO plays from play-off and/or Super
    Bowl’s. Plays that SHOULD have been on this list:

    1: David Tyree’s catch in Super Bowl 42 to help beat the Patriots and keep
    them from going undefeated

    2: Sea Of Hands – Kenny Stabler getting sacked tosses a pass to Clarence
    Davis with multiple Dolphins around him and Davis makes the game-winning TD

    3: The Immaculate Reception – Tons of controversy on this play, but it is
    one of the NFL’s defining moments

    4: The Holy Roller – Kenny Stabler, again – On 2nd and 10 with :10 left,
    Snake drops back to pass, is pressured by Woody Lowe, knowing a sack ends
    the game as the Raiders had no timeouts left, Snake fumbles the ball
    forward. Pete Banaszak then pushes the ball closer to the end zone and then
    Dave Casper kicks it the final few yards and finally covers it in the end
    zone to tie the game at 20-20. Errol Mann kicks the extra point with no
    time left and the Raiders win 21-20. In all, from where Stabler fumbled the
    ball, the ball traveled 24 yards – almost 1/4th of the field

    5: Dwight Clark – The Catch, as it is now known, was orchestrated by Joe
    Montana as he rolled right. With three Dallas Cowboys bearing down on him,
    Montana throws high into the end zone and Clark leaps into the air and
    snags the ball, lifting the 49ers to a 28-27 win and setting the stage for
    the 49er dynasty to begin. They would win their first Super Bowl two weeks

    How you could create a video titled Top Five Miracles In Football and NOT
    have any of these plays in it tells me that you don’t know much about
    football history.

  9. V Lo spune:

    the last one is retardeddd

  10. ICEMAN27 spune:

    Rugby was no.1

  11. Merle Dixon spune:

    Colts vs Chiefs!

  12. YujiFuuma spune:

    That last played looked like soccer.

  13. Drew Baker spune:

    the whole eagles and giants game was a real miracle… there was much more
    then that play

  14. liam owens spune:


  15. footballsoccer358 spune:

    No..that wasn’t even a fourth down situation and it only LOOKS GOOD because
    it was in the Superbowl. Smh, and also wasn’t the scoring catch.

  16. cameron atwell spune:


  17. NobleCris363 spune:

    the guy that was knocked down looked at them like wtf?

  18. rainnose1996 spune:

    the last one was so FUNNY!

  19. Melissa Whitfield spune:

    @ #1- What the… Great play. Almost like the Music City Miracle. BTW, #5
    and #4 are Madden moments on Madden 11

  20. footballsoccer358 spune:

    That dumbass on the Texans should have intercepted or knocked it backwards
    like really wtf. It was right in his arms.

  21. matthew denmon spune:

    Good footage

  22. Liz M spune:

    manning to tyree

  23. NERxLLLx spune:

    Its a miracle jacksonville actually got 31 points on the board

  24. thestarkysharky100 spune:

    You copied this

  25. phantomshark spune:

    How is Manning to Tyree not in here?


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