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Top 50 de goluri din istoria fotbalului ● HD

Acesta este un video despre cele mai bune 50 de goluri de fotbal din toate timpurile, sper să vă placă: D Muzica: Kid Ink-Weekend | Matisyahu – trăi ca un Warrior (Richello Remi …

25 Responses to “Top 50 de goluri din istoria fotbalului ● HD”

  1. Jorge Fernández spune:

    Sale en la descripción, aún lo recomiendo más jajaja

  2. Jorge Fernández spune:

    Muy bueno el video. Cual es el nombre de la tercera cancion??

  3. Isabella Paronni spune:

    Quaresma buenoo

  4. cristhian suarez spune:

    creo que son muy lindos los goles.. pero no tenes idea de futbol!! te gustan goles que cualquier jugador profesional puede hacer.. creo que el de messi, maradona, best son los mejores.. hay que tener talento para hacer eso!! los otros son lindos.. pero mejores que esos no.. esos goles los hacen los genios!!

  5. Michele Pardini spune:

    bad music, lot of great goals missing (van basten in 1988 with Netherlands and Baggio, 1990 with Italy just to say ) but nice collection

  6. L16Marko spune:

    You should have to put the best gol of saturnino cardozo to america!! Toluca vs america best gol ever well in my country

  7. Alex Botea spune:

    rubish music, do you realy love football and listen that kind of music?

  8. gabrielondon10 spune:

    Diego Sousa -palmeiras-brasil

  9. adam young spune:

    where is David Beckham 70 yards goal

  10. Daniele ivan spune:

    No cazzata….. Il primo lo metterei al 30esimo posto

  11. Dawid Ili spune:

    3 woooow O.O

  12. Itz Deanoz spune:

    Great vid I don’t agree with number 2 though but still thnx 😉

  13. ben gibson spune:

    Number 2 should of been the best

  14. leojumpingbolso spune:

    36 *-*

  15. Jonathan Banuelos spune:

    very nice

  16. TheBarnem13 spune:

    Are you extracting the urine! Wher’s Rooney’s against Newcastle. Paul Scoles vs Bradford City ? Arguably better goals than some in the top 20. I understand it’s objective but they should be included and how can Rooney be 47 in the context if that game and the season it us a better goal than Beckham’s goal vs Wimbledon just saying not having a go great vid tho thanks gor posting it

  17. Eetu Jaatinen spune:

    Good video, but I think number 1 wasn’t coolest. Thank you.

  18. Nisarg Karia spune:

    half of these are just the most acrobatic goals! not the best ones!

  19. Aino Sinko spune:

    Wow that video is awesome thanx

  20. Les champion spune:

    Nice vid

  21. ecosam spune:

    hagi gegen monaco fehlt und altintop voley aus der ecke fehlt auch sonst gut

  22. MiiiKEVIDEO spune:


  23. MiiiKEVIDEO spune:


  24. awn abbas spune:

    who scored no.12

  25. awn abbas spune:

    who scored no.34


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