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Trecerea Fotbal nucleară | paznici președinților „

Vezi ce responsabilitate vine cu a fi comandantul suprem al Statelor Unite. | Pentru mai multe, vizitati …

14 Responses to “Trecerea Fotbal nucleară | paznici președinților „”

  1. Shourya Sinha spune:

    How can the whole world’s life and freedom be given in to one man’s hands?
    how dare they?

  2. geomodelrailroader spune:

    The Football is the most dangerous object on earth if activated it will
    detonate all the worlds missiles and start WWIII thats why the presidents
    aid must have it next to him at all times.

  3. blanchelincoln spune:

    Jimmah Cawtah!!!

  4. Caden Love spune:


  5. Ahmed Abdinur Ahmed spune:

    I hope everyone will get rid of this soon

  6. Michael Blyth spune:


  7. williamcoconuts1 spune:


  8. dumaznbum spune:

    I plead the 5th….

  9. theklamfyr spune:


  10. DoctorWong1979 spune:

    Fucking Americans

  11. luckyboylb spune:

    Pathetic warmongers always thinking there is someone „evil” out there to
    get them.

  12. Anton Santos spune:


  13. TheBrickboy206 spune:



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