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UNC Football – All Access vs NC State

Du-te în interiorul vestiar pentru Switcheroo casca, reacțiile și post joc festivitățile victoria în această toate videoclip acces.

25 Responses to “UNC Football – All Access vs NC State”

  1. jdheelfan spune:

    This video never gets old. Go to HELL STATE!

  2. Big Z Little Lou spune:

    NC it is week 8 2013, what’cha gonna do?, last time the Tar heels beat a
    top ten team was in 2004, guess who that was? Guess on what day it was…
    Miami and Thursday night….check out what big Z and little lou have to say
    about it Playaz…

  3. Matthew Hankins spune:

    them helmets hard

  4. Matt Harrington spune:

    Rudimental – Feel the Love

  5. John Turner spune:

    What is that song called

  6. mihu23 spune:

    best sports edit EVER

  7. AllEyezOnV1 spune:

    love Gio, going to miss seeing him on saturdays this fall

  8. CoachJimboFisher spune:

    As a fellow ACC team fan I gotta say I like the direction UNC is headed in.
    If I was a Tar heel fan I know I’d be stoked about Fedora as the coach.
    Also yalls facilities are top notch..

  9. 50rocz spune:

    I was there and I felt the explosivenes of the crowd.

  10. Todd Davis spune:

    I am a ticket holder and I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kenan so loud. Not
    even when Connor Barth kicked the game winning field goal against Miami it
    was epic. I was like Dang them helmets are awesome (but not in those words)

  11. WhiteStateWarrior207 spune:

    Go Irish!

  12. L Harrison spune:

    @hardluck, I agree 100%. I’ve been attending UNC games for some years now
    and have NEVER heard it as loud as it was on 10/27/12. Go Heels!!!

  13. Lud Didier spune:

    What a Great Video

  14. Hays Nash spune:

    There locker room is w

  15. dnaiel brinson spune:

    Love it! Go HEELS!

  16. Jordan Owens spune:

    Whats the Song you used

  17. realsam510 spune:

    is was at this game so awesome

  18. A Cav spune:

    If that doesn’t give ya goosebumps nothing will!!! GO HEELS!!! GO TO HELL

  19. Hays Nash spune:

    Sweet auto correct stinks

  20. F3dB3aR spune:

    UNC fans need to get their act right and become one of the toughest places
    to play in all of college football. The investments have been made, the
    coaches have been hired, the players have been recruited….now all that’s
    need is for the fans to show up! The same intensity you all have for when
    NC State and Duke come to town, needs to be there when Miami, FSU, Clemson,
    Louisville and Virginia Tech show up.

  21. Ben Brown spune:

    All I remember about this game is my brothers and Madison (all unc
    students) screaming at the TV as Bernard ran in for that touchdown off the
    punt. What an amazing game to be a Tar Heel!

  22. Connor Allen spune:


  23. Carter Malloy spune:

    Rudimental – Feel The Love

  24. Carter Malloy spune:

    By a group called Rudimental – called „Feel The Love”

  25. John Turner spune:

    I was in that stadium it blew up gio gio gio gio gio gio gio gio


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