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UNC Fotbal: Surpriza militar la Homecoming

Pe week-end Ziua Veteranilor, copiii Ziglar fost surprins de o intoarcere acasa neașteptat de la tatăl lor, care a fost acordat de pensionare anticipată de la US Navy.
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2 Responses to “UNC Fotbal: Surpriza militar la Homecoming”

  1. Terrence Body spune:

    I was glad to have witnessed this! The action took place right in front of
    me on my side of the stadium. From one vet to another, welcome home!

  2. Prime One Media spune:

    I was so happy to be a part of such a joyous reunion. If you know any one
    that is need of video editing, please have them visit Prime One Media at or contact me at 


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