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Utah Utes Football Full Game Highlights vs BYU 09-21-13

Utes beat the Cougars for the 4th straight time winning 20-13. Ute fans follow me on twitter –

25 Responses to “Utah Utes Football Full Game Highlights vs BYU 09-21-13”

  1. evoXchaseme spune:

    Cry falsev… I love the taste of your tears Kyle:) paraphrasing cartman

  2. Cade Nuckles spune:

    Hey Utes, you guys are seriously still talking trash? Can’t even win half
    your games and make it to a bowl and you’re still all so cocky. We’ll have
    fun in San Fran at our bowl game while you guys sit at home!!

  3. ShaszoKaiis spune:

    Silly BYU fan, this video is not for you. Go watch Texas film, that was a
    good win for your program. Utes own Utah this year, last year, the two
    before that, and just fasten your seatbelt for the rest of the decade.

  4. Cross spune:

    Honestly, I’m worried about them beating us(Ducks). (By the way, haven’t we
    met before? xDD)

  5. Cross spune:

    Well, that’s the main fallacy people seem to fabricate. Oregon has no
    problem playing against Stanford at all, the only reason people know about
    Stanford is because Oregon was undefeated last year, on their way to a
    National Championship, and more or less beat themselves. But everyone was
    talking about how Stanford stopped Oregon’s offense, and now those who know
    nothing about Stanford assume because they did it last year means
    something. It means nothing, and it will be proven on Nov. 7th.

  6. RunBattedIn spune:

    GO UTES!

  7. Matthew Chidester spune:

    Actually feel bad for qb hill.. byu sucks. Good video memoismoney 🙂

  8. Conner Madison spune:

    wow Oregon vs Utah could be an interesting game.

  9. Brandon Bell spune:

    8:08 Taysom Hill finally hits one of his WR’s.

  10. RunBattedIn spune:

    Yes moron Utah has gotten called for an offensive PI before. Seeing has how
    they’ve been a football program since 1892. So you are right! Your the
    smartest guy in the comments section!

  11. Jamescc75 spune:

    Are you joking?? LMAO, Oregon will crush them

  12. World B. Gilbert Gottfried spune:

    Got it. Stanford.

  13. joe7627 spune:

    I love how people are saying this game was boring. Haters. It wasn’t if you
    were a Utah Ute fan. Utah straight handled their business. Go UTES!

  14. kai Francis spune:

    Im a utah ute

  15. Cross spune:

    Honestly, as an Oregon fan….I’m a little worried about Utah. David
    Shaw(Stanford’s head coach), said that Utah’s players were bigger than
    his……. and the scary thing is..we have them RIGHT after Stanford…Oh
    God please help us x_x

  16. Conner Madison spune:

    maybe, but i think the ducks can pull it off.I am just hoping that Alabama
    wont be to big for oregon(if the ducks make it to the national
    championship).Also what i ve noticed, is oregon is a very fast, and lean
    team, very good against big and slow teams. but not to good when it comes
    to big and stronge teams, like Alabama or stanford.

  17. insiderjokevids spune:

    oh shut the fuck up, like utah hasnt made tons of those plays

  18. brent christenson spune:

    Hey ute haters, who just beat #5?

  19. tstuver spune:

    Coming from a Ute fan, no it won’t. Oregon will decimate us.

  20. 777JimmyCONWAY spune:

    Love it when York just truck sticks all over that fool..

  21. newyorkvermillion spune:

    The utes should lose when they play Oregon lol. Go ducks!

  22. utah fan spune:

    good win just need to be a bit more consistent in some areas, nice to beat
    the Cougars though

  23. Roger S. spune:

    You need more alcohol or caffeine.

  24. Conner Madison spune:

    ya remember, Oregon vs Tennessee?

  25. ggrrowler spune:

    I’ll be honest… these rivalry games have become a tad boring… maybe
    cause of the time of year but I had a good mix of utah and byu fans for my
    party and it just didn’t really entertain. Maybe its just me. I could just
    suck at hosting parties


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