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Wisconsin Football Dance-Off

Wisconsin broke up Spring practice with some one-on-one dance competition. Check out which Badgers brought it with the whole team looking on.
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25 Responses to “Wisconsin Football Dance-Off”

  1. madison smith spune:


  2. Claudette Thompson spune:
  3. Earnest Pettie spune:

    I can’t tell whether this is fun or embarrassing to watch

  4. Tina Perkins spune:


  5. Claudette Thompson spune:

    I had fun watching this!

  6. En Lu spune:

    Great video!!! From PSU fan

  7. Intan Ulla spune:

    Whats song/music is it?

  8. DParra0320 spune:

    that was awesome. haha loved it.

  9. Taylor Wagner spune:

    Thats cute

  10. loganbuckeye11 spune:

    the whole NCAA scandal stuff is just plain stupid, besides three starters
    dont win games the whole team wins games

  11. Centralnetstation spune:

    Still more productive than a jets practice

  12. Elijah Brooks-Currin spune:

    Dont hate on Badgers theyre gonna be pretty good this year

  13. 6400az spune:

    Good Lord.0:58

  14. Nino Brown spune:

    Are you like 12 years old? Nobody said they did anything like that. You’re
    telling me breaking the rules by playing ineligible players and lying to
    the ncaa is OK because it was only a few guys.. and they didnt.. quote..
    „do drugs or raped someone”

  15. Zach Trautsch spune:

    more like a jets game

  16. Steve Smith spune:

    We will kick your ass next year!!!!!!!!!

  17. loganbuckeye11 spune:

    you’re wrong it was showing that we didnt need a good coach or those three
    players to beat you guys so it shows you that we didn’t cheat because they
    didn’t make the whole team

  18. loganbuckeye11 spune:

    then we played the next year without pryor and without herron or posey for
    most of the season, yet we still beat you guys

  19. MrCYTHEBOSS spune:


  20. michael hilston spune:

    This is why Wisconsin is the best school in the nation. We are truely a
    unique school. On Wisconsin!

  21. Zach Martin spune:

    Big man 45 got moves

  22. tammy p simpson spune:

    lol that was great!!!

  23. MikTheAsianMan spune:

    Haters will be haters. Bucky will just go about doing the job well and got
    a coach who actually cares about his team.

  24. Druss322 spune:

    This is probably one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen

  25. Mrblend27 spune:

    Not this year.


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