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Wisconsin vs Iowa Fotbal Repere

După un început lent ofensiv, Badgers capitalizat fantastic de apărare și a folosit un al doilea jumătate val alimentat de două TD RB James White ruleaza pentru a câștiga la I. ..
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13 Responses to “Wisconsin vs Iowa Fotbal Repere”

  1. MikTheAsianMan spune:

    Oh, I understand. It has nothing to do with the fact that they lost those
    two games. Columbus is like 12 hours away from Madison and Tempe, well you
    know how far it is.

  2. Dan Kirk spune:

    No, I was just replying to a comment that asked them to make a video every
    week, which they have except those two. It’s just a coincidence that the
    full crew from the Video Department didn’t make it to OSU and ASU because
    of how far the travel is. The other away games have been much closer for

  3. MikTheAsianMan spune:

    If you’re talking about our loses, ASU was very questionable, oh well,
    gotta look forward to the rest of the season. We’ve been blwoing out
    opponents left and right, at home and I think we’ll be undefeated at home
    this year. We have a really though game this weekend against BYU.

  4. MikTheAsianMan spune:

    Minnesota sucks!

  5. Wy Man spune:

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo go minnesota lol

  6. Trevor N. spune:

    TobyMac – Unstoppable

  7. David Alex spune:

    whats the song?

  8. Trevor N. spune:

    I want to know who is in charge of the music. They are always unknown songs
    and I like them all.

  9. Dan Kirk spune:

    They have every game this year except Ohio State and Arizona State.

  10. Ross Umentum spune:

    This is a great video! Please do this every week

  11. Cons spune:

    This is amazing, the editing, the song and the highlights. Top. Fucking.

  12. Tanner R spune:

    On Wisconsin!!

  13. badgerryan15 spune:



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