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Worst Football Injustices EVER | Top 5

Ryan Bailey takes a look at the worst football injustices ever. ** Sign up for the KICKTV Newsletter and stay connected to the best football content*** http:…

25 Responses to “Worst Football Injustices EVER | Top 5”

  1. teehee1604 spune:

    Leeds united in the European cup final of 1975: 2 clear penalties turned
    down and a perfectly legal goal ruled out. The referee never took charge of
    a game at the highest level again.

  2. Ben Leach spune:

    Referees are scared of Barca 

  3. Asalieri2 spune:

    Nigel De Jong’s famous karate kick. If there ever was a clear red card, it
    was right there.

  4. Kilcobert19 spune:

    Considering the Chelsea match had four injustices, and all the other
    incidents were isolated, shouldn’t the Chelsea game be number 1? 

  5. COMDR LZ spune:

    Definitely missed Suarez’s handball against Ghana that led to them getting
    knocked out of the tournament…

  6. Eagle Owl Ponsonby-Smythe spune:

    Really? Maradonna’s „hand of God” the WORST football injustice ever? lets
    look at that goal. crowded penalty area, England defending in numbers. A
    one-two at the edge of the box, the ball is looped high in toward the
    penalty spot. 5′ 5″ Diego beat 6′ 1″ Shilton in the air. Shilton looking to
    punch the ball clear and making an arse of it against an opponent 8 INCHES
    shorter. maybe instead of bleating on and on about this scoundrel and cheat
    the English could actually admit their own failings, namely their
    Goalkeeper was too old, slow and lacked reactions. Their defence was slow
    and maybe not quite up to the task in hand.

  7. TP Tyf-E spune:

    The Rivaldo Turkish incident was disgusting. I really wanted Turkey to win
    the world cup that year as they were such underdogs.

  8. Husnain Shah spune:


  9. matttt95 spune:

    Could you be any more Biased, the 1966 incident was miles worse than the
    Hand of god, at least in that game Maradona went on to score one of the
    greatest goals of all time and overall England never looked like winning

  10. Ronin Oxide spune:

    swiss franks are still used its french francs that arent used 

  11. Ryan Bailey spune:


  12. Tom Hartland spune:

    nani sending off against madrid? wouldnt put it near number 1 but was still
    a terrible call

  13. JayE17HD spune:

    Australia vs Italy 2006 world cup

  14. rainpuyalto spune:

    Number 5 was way worse than number 2

  15. Hazzelnot94 spune:

    Suarez handball against Ghana!

  16. Athenkosi Maqokobe spune:

    #3 still makes me sick till this day…i broke my T.V set with rage wen he
    ddnt give that Ballack penalty. that Ref owes me a fucken Tele and the
    tittle for Mourinho’s Chelsea 

  17. Tom Cownie spune:

    suarez vs ghana

  18. Juze Villanueva spune:

    I still don’t see that Henry ‘handball’ touching it twice you say? But yet
    the official didn’t call, that means it didn’t happen, simple as that,
    France went on to the world cup on a fair match thanks to a superb pass by

  19. Fazal Husain spune:

    what about messis hand of god ?

  20. amrit khatri spune:

    LOl belgium team of 66 was one of the best team in world football that
    didnt win world cup.

  21. jjjblingo spune:

    The Barca-Chelsea game was just balls. I saw it. Man City fan but
    definitely agree with Drogba, that game was an absolute disgrace.

  22. King CORLEONE spune:

    Like Ireland was going to win the world cup

  23. HexicDanger SD spune:

    What about the 2010 World Cup Ghana vs Uruguay one of the players used his
    hand to stop the ball hitting the goal during a corner kick for Ghana yet
    no sanction was given.

    P.S. Ghana lost.

  24. XtreStalker spune:

    how about Suarezs goalkeeper moment in the 2010 worldcup against Ghana

  25. Parkin Boy spune:



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