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WVU Fotbal 2013 Capitolul 3: tot ce avem nevoie

pre-joc video pentru WVU matchup vs Georgia de stat pe 9/14/2013.

18 Responses to “WVU Fotbal 2013 Capitolul 3: tot ce avem nevoie”

  1. wvuboyz1 spune:

    Karl Joseph is the next Ed Reed!

  2. Matt Crookshanks spune:

    Awesome video

  3. Rhettical spune:

    probably premier or sony vegas :p

  4. Dallas Nelson spune:

    what program do you use man?

  5. CJ Parsley spune:

    Dougity dog ruless!! Beat wvu vids ever!!!! What song is playing in the background?

  6. DapperNT spune:

    Congrats to childress he played well. I respect that Millard gave it 100 percent but i hope i dont have to watch him any time soon now that we have our final non conference game. You need to score points to win in the 12 bruh!

  7. Ohh Trendy spune:

    Our defense is excellent now offense is getting better we gonna do something this year might not make it to a bcs game but still we gonna get a good bowl game let’s go neers!

  8. tauras88d spune:

    i was so,happy for Ford Childress that was a nice confidence building win for him even if it was a patsy team he beat, it was shades of Pat White the way he step in and steped up his freshman year and rooted out a loser QB like Mallard to go on to greatness and i hope young Ford is the future for WVU well Smith could be the next Tavon and Caswell could be the next Bailey hopefully well its best to keep expectations low for the eer”s this year but we are totally loaded next year and eatin fucka”s

  9. Alvin691 spune:

    Growing, getting better, maturing….

  10. tonycheesestix spune:

    WOW, u do it every time! Chills…!

  11. iiWvMAniaC spune:

    Chills everytime

  12. crazyapostle spune:

    look forward to your videos each week….no better way to get ready for the game if you’re not there than to watch these!

  13. PhilyEagles123 spune:

    Dang bro I love these sick videos!! I did get chills watching this man, well done! #MountaineerNation

  14. FSGaming2012 spune:

    Hey D how do you get all of these clips?

  15. slimshady4000 spune:

    Gives me chills.

  16. MrTestNTune spune:

    Good Song Doug !!!!

  17. Mitchell Nida spune:

    Childress FTW!

  18. Scott Watkins spune:

    Wooooooorrrrrrd!!!!! Im headin to Milan Puskar right now


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