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Zi din viata – Oklahoma State Fotbal

detalii Acest video de o zi din viața unui Stat din Oklahoma jucător de fotbal în timpul tabără de antrenament.
Video Rating: 4/5

15 Responses to “Zi din viata – Oklahoma State Fotbal”

  1. Malosi Samoa spune:

    I have an ex classmate that enjoys this every day lol

  2. Freshviews spune:

    I think I want go here

  3. u2hubbard spune:

    Someone who is not a fan of OSU.

  4. rick baladeras spune:

    so what about 60 players eating 3 squaresi wonder what it cost to feeds
    those guys for a entire sesaon … what about 75,000-100,00

  5. Jake From Statefarm spune:

    it helps your muscles recover quickly so that youre ready to go the next day

  6. Asad Hassan spune:

    Damn that’s the life Lol

  7. aBROhamLincoln1809 spune:

    its to help with recovery

  8. epacy spune:

    Youtube needs to show who likes/dislikes videos. Who could dislike this?

  9. Louis Robertson spune:

    Cant wait

  10. devogt502026 spune:

    Yeh i agree with @epacy youtube needs to start showing all the haters being

  11. tyliyahtiffani spune:

    Some life hah

  12. kassemabouleila58 spune:

    Who is #5

  13. Ben61539 spune:

    Anyone know the purpose of the cold tank?

  14. Brett Johnson spune:

    1:09 they are watching superbad hahahah

  15. OkieJoe126 spune:

    I wouldn’t call that free, More like well deserved!! them boys work their
    asses off all day!!


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